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New from Viledon filterCair: Important measurement techniques for the food and pharma industries

Hygienically clean air is imperative in the production of food and medicines. In this context, air filter systems and their maintenance are crucial for product quality and consumer safety. Viledon filterCair Services have been expanded to include important measurement techniques designed to ensure safe plant operation.

Even the smallest traces of particulate matter or microorganisms can endanger product safety. In the worst case, they can even be life-threatening. This is why Viledon filterCair has been expanded with the development of new service modules for even more differentiated testing of hygiene and plant safety.

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Hygiene Monitoring module: accurate down to the last germ

VDI 6022 stipulates regular hygiene inspections for supply air systems in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The goal is to ensure maximum health protection for employees. During the inspections, the total microbial count of bacteria, viruses or germs in the indoor air, on surfaces and in liquids (legionella) is recorded. At the same time, a check is made to determine whether the air flowing into the rooms through the air outlets has an increased bacterial load compared with the outside air. The plant is also comprehensively inspected. Samples are taken at particularly vulnerable points and the incidence of germs is examined. In critical areas, additional tests are carried out for final inspection after effective cleaning. The final report can be used for future audits and certifications.

Cleanroom classification module: precise HEPA acceptance measurement

Before it can be used, every cleanroom must be certified according to EN ISO 14644. This ensures that the production process complies with all clean air criteria. That is why HEPA filters from filter class H 13 must be subjected to a performance measurement by the manufacturer in accordance with EN 1822. For this purpose, defined aerosols are passed through the filter. Particle counters measure their number before and after the filter and thus determine the actual separation efficiency. During an acceptance measurement in accordance with EN ISO 14644, the filter medium is checked for possible leaks by our trained Viledon filterCair service technicians and the tightness of the filter element seal confirmed.

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EN ISO 14644

This standard applies to cleanrooms and associated cleanroom areas. Among other things, it regulates the specified levels of air purity. The rooms are classified according to the number of particles per cubic meter of air.

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VDI 6022

This directive contains requirements for air conditioning systems with regard to their planning, manufacture, implementation, operation and maintenance, which ensure hygienic operation for the protection of people. It can be meaningfully applied wherever the focus is on human health.

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